Hi and welcome to everyone.

We have a mix of past, present and new Harriers tonight.
Our newest member whose been with us a few months is Jeanette Pike

Past runners who we have are Ian, TC, Pete Coutts and it’s great to see you here

Before we get to the business end of this awards dinner, just want to do a quick review of what we did in 2015 and plans for 2016

London Marathon 2015

We had one member who ran in the London Marathon, which was Kevin Dwyer. Kevin had a great run especially when you consider that he is not in the fullness of health. It was his determination that got him round. Well done Kev.


Mike and his dog Rufus (a Hungarian WIZLA), have once again excelled in the cane-cross races - always coming 1st or 2nd in Mike’s age group. The pair have competed at both domestic and international races. Most of the races are 5-10km, with 2 races on each weekend

Holton Lee Relay Races

These are relays for teams of 5, with a distance of 5km per leg. The race is held on mostly cross-country, with some minor hills. In 2015 there were 30 teams competing and against all odds The Harriers 1st team finished 4th overall against teams from Poole AC and Purbeck Runners. Our 2nd team was 12th overall.

Well done to all those who competed Mark Buffery (ran 2 legs), Andy Clements, Mike Hirst, Martin Coombes, Mike Hughes, Kevin Dwyer, Gerard Lissenburg, Gary White and Mike Best.

Dorset Road Race League (DRRL)

Whilst we do not have the numbers to compete against the big clubs, all the runners who competed did very well and many ran person bests in the races.

Most notable credits go to Rebecca Collins, Kevin Dwyer and Mike Hughes as the main participants.

Cerne Abbas Marathon and Trail Races

Ian Edwards ran a very strong race to finish 3rd overall in this very hilly trail event. Ian also ran in a number of trail events up and downtime country — especially in Wales and the Lake District and usually came 1st in his age group. Ian and his partner Sarah ran in the international trail event held in North Wales and won in their age groups. Other members who have run in trail events are Gerard Lissenburg.
Mike Hughes and Kevin Dwyer also competed in the OX and Bad Cow trail events organised by White Star Running (WSR) - and finished in very creditable times.

Bournemouth Marathon and Half Marathon

We had two compete in the 2015 event and both finished - these were Rebecca Collins and Mike Hughes. Rebecca ran despite having hamstring problems,whilst Mike finished with pulled back muscles that occurred half way during the race.

Kev Dwyer ran in the half marathon and all finished with good times

Park Run

These are free to enter 5 km races held every Saturday across the globe. The Poole event is one of the most popular with entrants topping 500 regularly. Harriers are an ever present at these events, with most of the members having competed in their 100th event.

Locally there are Park Runs in Poole, Blandford, Bournemouth and Weymouth. Many Harriers have competed at the Park Run events throughout the UK and even abroad — such as in New Zealand.

Wessex League Cross Country

We did not field a full team for the 2015 series, but we will have a combined Hamworthy Harriers / Lytchett Striders team compete in the 2016 event

Plans for 2016

Team events:

North Dorset Marathon Relays - teams of 4 with legs of approximately quarter marathon distance, held in May. Plan to have at least 2 teams. Entry forms will be submitted is next day to two

Holton Lee Relays - again we plan to have 2 teams available, however the event will allow of up to 50 teams to enter in total this year.

Wessex League Cross Country - series of 4 events held in the latter quarter of the year.

Dorset Road Race Series - series of 12 races in 2016 - we need to enter as many as we can, all race details can be found on the Hariers Facebook of website pages
Individual members

Many will be running in events organised by WSR - namely Cerne Abbas, OX, Bad Cow and Bovington Camp events

Ian Edwards will be running for the Harriers in this year’s London Marathon

Mike Hughes will be running in the Snowdonia Marathon

We will be having 2 members compete in this years Bournemouth Marathon.

There is an increasing number of races held within the Dorset area in 2016 (not in the DRRL series), including the inaugural Wimborne 20 and r Bournemouth 10, with many members participating in these events.

In Park Run in 2016 - we will see many runners surpass the 150 mark for these events and some will near 200.

We will now come to the main part of the evening - our annual awards.

This year we have 3 awards to give out.

The 1st is to a couple who have been involved with he Harriers from quite early on after the formation of the Harriers in the late ‘80s. They have decided to move away to be nearer their family and grand-children and it will be sad to see them go. Pete ran for us in the Hampshire XC league and during that time we were very successful and he was ever present on our training nights. They now play golf, bowls mainly.

So on behalf of The Harriers, Pete and Babs please accept this little gift to remember us by.

The 2nd award is a new one from the year - it is to the person who falls over during a training run or race - accidentally. To achieve this award if you fall over if it can be verified great. This all started over a couple years ago where a number of us kept falling over, so the year we have decided to award. The person this year is Rebecca Collins, who fell over only once in 2015 and this was during the Bournemouth Marathon - so Becky here’s a first aid kit to mend any future injuries and a bottle of wine to overcome any embarrassment.