Hamworthy Harriers
July 2017 - Newsletter

The main event for the Harriers in July was the annual relays organised by Lytchett Striders at Holton Heath.

Lytchett had set out a new course, which was flatter than previous years but was still hard. We had 3 teams entered and thanks to Sarah Chaloner for organising the club entries and the teams. Our teams consisted of male team, a female team and a mixed team

A few changes of runners were needed before the event and we a few interlopers from other clubs running for us on the day. All teams ran very well and the overall results for the teams:

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Ladies team - Hamworthy Harriers Queens consisted of in running order Jeannette, Carol, Becky, Kat and Sarah. Team finished 3rd in this category

Individual and overall Times are:

26:33 (Jeannette), 26:41 (Carol), 24:54 (Becky), 27:23 (Kat) and 21:37 (Sarah)

Overall - 02:07:08

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Men’s Team - Hamworthy Harriers Kings consisted of Sanjay, Mike Hughes, Mike Fleck, Gerard and Nigel. After a very promising 1st leg by Sanjay (5th) place, the men’s team finished 10th overall.

18:23 (Sanjay), 24:34 (Mike H), 23:29 (Mike F), 23:03 (Gerard) and 19:21 (Nigel

Overall 01:48:50

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Mixed Team - Hamworthy Harriers Aces consisted of Terry, Belinda, Kevin, Inés Braun and Big Bob, they insisted 35th team.

25:35 (Terry), 29:18 (Belinda), 30:19 (Kevin), 31:18 (Inés) and 26:39 (Big Bob)

Overall 02:23:09

In total there were 60 teams in this event which gets better every year. When these relays were first held at Hilton Heath, they were organised by Poole Runners - our ladies team were 1st in their category, but there were only about 20 teams that took part then. So for the ladies to get 3rd overall with increased team entries is very good result.

Other race results - Mike Hughes, 28.26 in the 5th Poole Runners Summer series races at Upton House